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Van Buren Street: Phoenix’s Former Main Drag Is Now Just a Drag

Old Motels on Van Buren Street

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SWOP members believe prostitution should be decriminalized and say sex workers don't need to be saved.

A Phoenix police detective arrests a woman on Van Buren Street in east Phoenix on Friday. Less than a decade ago, the Phoenix police treated. Women selling sex often times find themselves in Mesa along Main Street and in Chandler on Arizona Avenue near Ray Road. Author: Biana Buono.

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The notorious street — home to hookers, an abandoned jailhouse, and a whole lot of sleazy motels — was originally a rural road known as Route 60 that ran between our town and the village of Tempe and was home to Phoenix's most esteemed institution, the Insane Asylum of Arizona, built in

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Most enter the profession young and, officers now believe, usually because of abuse or desperation. I spend way too much time thinking about this once-bustling thoroughfare, which rather quickly became Prostitutes Van Buren and stayed — a miles-long punch line to a joke about how Phoenix is a town that keeps trying and failing to find a spot on our own map.

Prostitutes Van Buren

A throng of supporters attended Jones' April trial, including the ACLU of Arizona, whose attorneys called into question the constitutionality of the "manifestation of prostitution" law under which she was arrested.

Cordova said she went through the motions at Project Rose, still eager to return to the drugs in her hotel room, but met with a Dignity diversion representative who inspired her to actually show up for that first class.

A heavy police crackdown four years ago and ongoing presence in the area has almost completely killed the prostitution business on Van Buren.

The street used to be the main thoroughfare through Phoenix, and over the decades, the stretch of Van Buren from 24th to 32nd street in particular became well-known for countless prostitutes hawking their wares, then taking their johns into one of the street's many seedy motels.

You can help by participating in our "I Support" program, allowing us to keep offering readers access to our incisive coverage of local news, food and culture with no paywalls. We drove slowly east on Van Buren, ogling the booby hatch and the paint-peeling neon signs and the gaudy hookers, my new car doors safely locked against Phoenix's scary past.
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In , after a yearlong investigation into prostitution, Sheriff Joe Arpaio forced Van Buren's motels to surrender their hour-rate licenses, which probably. HOOKERS on Van Buren documented by autismconference.rug, long ago, Van Buren Street in Phoenix, Arizona was an avenue of affluence.

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Niki D'Andrea has covered subjects including drug culture, women's basketball, pirate radio stations, Scottsdale staycations, and fine wine. There have been attempts to revitalize Van Buren, of course — most notably Camden Copper Square, that swanky new condominium complex just east of Prostitutes Van Buren Street. Clay Sutherlin, backup officer, presumed it was the latter. My own Van Buren story is pretty mundane. Cordova said she feels that the threat of jail was the thrust she needed to Prostitutes Van Buren herself out of a dangerous lifestyle.